The phone used in casino royale

The phone used in casino royale bluffs run casino hotels

Glynn on 04 August, - Permalink reply. At the same time.

The Mi had a 2. Algerian Love Knot by Sophie Harley. Silver K for the secret agents. Critically acclaimed for strong acting, a complex script and fantastic direction — but Skyfall has the worst appearance of a phone in Bond history. Besides, after the ysed and the olives, who can taste the vodka??? Where does your favourite rank? Hayley on 27 May, - Permalink reply.

Most prop phones were provided by Ericsson and later Sony Ericsson due to said brands' long-running product placement contracts with the production of the. Sony Ericsson today announced special silver versions of the K and K Cyber-shotâ„¢ camera phones as used by James Bond in the. Sony Ericsson Mi, used by Vesper in Casino Royale. A Sony Ericsson Mi (in chrystal white color) mobile phone is used by Vesper (Eva Green) in the James Bond film Casino Royale. This phone is not produced anymore but you can always find several Mi phones on eBay to.

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